TLS-Dicing – Enabling Dicing Technology for Separation of Semiconductor Wafer

Cost, quality, and throughput are major factors of success for SiC based devices in the semiconductor industry. 3D-Micromac answers this challenge with its brand-new microDICE™ system using TLS-Dicing™ (thermal laser separation) – an unique technology for semiconductor industry’s back-end – to separate wafer in single components.

The TLS-Dicing™ uses thermally induced mechanical forces to separate brittle semiconductor materials, e.g. SiC, Si, Ge, and GaAs , into dies with an outstanding edge quality while increasing the yield and the throughput. Compared to traditional separation Technologies, TLS-Dicing impresses with a clean process, micro-crack-free edges, and higher resulting bending strength.

The revolutionary, high-performance microDICE™ system provides a much higher process speed and better throughput than traditional dicing systems. This enables a high-volume production, especially for SiC based devices.

In addition, microDICE™ considerably reduces the dicing cost per wafer. Due to the contactless laser machining there are no tool wear and no expensive consumables required. This results in excellent cost of ownership during the whole life-time of the dicing system. 

microDICE System

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